How to build a recruitment chatbot to engage with candidates

chatbots for recruiting

A chatbot can manage employee referral programs by guiding current employees through the referral process and keeping them updated on the status of their referred candidates. Recruitment chatbots can be programmed to follow strict non-discrimination guidelines, ensuring a level playing field for all candidates. Recruitment chatbots can facilitate a smooth transition for new hires, assisting them in paperwork, orientation schedules, and even basic training modules. It’ll tackle that mound of applications, singling out the stars based on your preset must-haves, so your HR squad can zero in on what really matters—finding the right fit. Tired of “culture fit” being a euphemism for hiring people who look and talk the same?

And unlike others on this list, Sense recruiting chatbot was built to work seamlessly alongside and with our entire cadre of recruiting technology. The Sense platform is powerful, and allows you to consolidate your tech stack while simultaneously ramping up results (and ROI). Let’s look at some real-world examples of how innovative organizations using chatbots in their recruiting. It’s important to keep in mind though that a recruitment chatbot is not designed to replace a human. A chatbot can mimic a human’s conversational abilities in the sense that it’s programmed to understand written and spoken language and respond correctly. Bots are not here to replace humans but rather be the assistants you always wanted.

The challenges of using a chatbot in recruiting

Some candidates may still want to engage via email, while others may wish to use multiple channels at different stages of the recruiting process. Use a chat system that integrates with your applicant tracking system, so you can document all that information and keep it centralized. Recruiting has become more challenging due to the increasing complexity of the hiring landscape.

Recruitment Chatbots: Is The Hype Worth It? – Forbes

Recruitment Chatbots: Is The Hype Worth It?.

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A cutting-edge feature to consider is the chatbot’s ability to recognize and respond to emotional cues in text. It builds trust and credibility with candidates, enhancing their perception of your organization. Implement real-time monitoring and have a human intervention plan in any potential issues promptly.


The result is an improved candidate experience and greater recruiter efficiency. You wouldn’t leave your phone unattended when expecting an important call, so why leave your recruitment process hanging after office hours? A recruitment chatbot is the night owl in your HR department, always awake to engage with candidates from different time zones or those who prefer to job-hunt during unconventional hours. Your organization captures a wider range of talent while candidates get the convenience of real-time interaction whenever they want it. Individual recruiters will not have to take time out of their days to answer candidate questions, meaning they can focus on more important things. Plus, chatbots can respond to candidates much more quickly than individual recruiters could.

  • Using chatbots for recruiting in this way can help increase your completed application rate.
  • As a result, the interviewees pointed out that the candidate’s communication with the recruiting organization might feel a bit distant.
  • This is something that you’ll also commonly hear with (no pun intended) HereFish, a platform similar to Sense in many ways that was acquired by Bullhorn several years ago.
  • When you set a positive tone from the first interaction, candidates are more likely to complete the application process and have a lower chance of dropping out somewhere in the process.

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